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Mobile Sludge Dewatering System

Mobile Sludge Dewatering Machine—— Operating Procedures

1. Park the vehicle at the construction location (in a relatively horizontal area, the slope is too large to affect suction);

2. Place warning tapes and construction prompt signs;

3. Connect to power supply and water source;

4. Turn on the switch of the water pump to blend the medicine; the concentration of the medicine is tested with fingers to be sticky and filamentous;

5. Connect the suction pipe and drain pipe and open the manhole cover to dilute the septic tank;

6. Start to suck feces;

7. Turn on the dosing pump switch;

8. Turn on the switch of the flocculation machine (see if the manure water is separated);

9. Put manure into the warehouse;

10. To see how much the dregs flow out of the flocculant silo, turn on the dehydrator switch to remove the dregs.



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