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TPA Tube diffuser fine bubble aeration

1. Usage
    TPA tubular micro porous aerator is applied in municipal wastewater treatment plant and water plant biochemical pool, for oxygenation of the pool water.

2. Working Principal

    TPA tubular micro porous aerator is newly used micro porous aeration equipment in industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater biological treatment process; single large amount of ventilation, low bottom resistance, strong enhance ability and high ox-ygen transfer efficiency; there are large number of perforations on the most important parts " diaphragm ", when the air supply hole is open, micro-bubbles form, the hole will close automatically when the wind stops, which avoids sewage and debris to enter the pipe and prevent clogging of the aeration head.

3 .Model

    Tube length L(mm)
    Aeration tube nominal diameter Φ(mm)
    Tubular micro porous aerator

4. Main Technical Parameters & Installa On Sizes

Tube Diameter Φ(mm)67679090
Tube Length L(mm)50010005001000
Pore Diameter d(mm)0.8~1.9
Service   Area(㎡/piece)0.5~0.80.5~1.90.8~1.90.8~1.9
Aeration   Rate(m3/piece h)0.5~6.00.5~10.00.5~12.00.5~20.0
Oxygen   Utilization
Oxygenating Power Performance(kgO2/piece﹒h)4.5~5.24.5~5.24.5~5.24.5~5.5
Resistance Loss (mmH2O)(4m water depth)180~280

5. Main Features
    The aeration tube material uses synthetic rubber, disposable injection molded by high-pressure; has characteristics of anti- UV, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and long life etc;
Applies the check valve design, no silt accumulation, no blocking, no porous, no disclosure, safe and reliable operation; Small bubbles, uniform gas distribution, volumetric efficiency, higher oxygen utilization and low power consumption;
Device structure is simple, easy to install with simple maintenance;
    For smaller aeration (cell width ≤ 8m ),the overall installation can apply the elevating design, no need to stop the pool for maintenance which is more convenient.

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