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How does the screw dehydrator solve the problem of difficult sludge treatment

The screw dehydrator is a well-known sludge dewatering device. It has achieved good results in the treatment of municipal sewage, industrial sewage, and hospital sewage. It has solved many users in the sludge treatment process of various industries. The problems, such as poor sewage treatment effect, high moisture content of sludge, sludge is not dry and not formed, and the water content of the filtrate is not clear, etc., these problems are all broken down by the ability of the screw dehydrator. Hot topic, and see how the screw dehydrator solves the problem of sludge intractability.


The items processed by the screw dehydrator are relatively difficult. For example, oily sludge is generally oily and difficult to handle. You can add demulsifiers and degreasing agents to reduce the oiliness of the sludge. The initial differentiation is carried out first, and then the sludge is removed by the screw machine. The effect is often much better than that directly treated under normal circumstances; for example, the sewage with a relatively high viscosity and viscosity is very easy to adhere to the equipment, so we want to the problem considered is the use of a debonding agent, which can only remove part of the viscosity, but not all of the viscosity, so it is necessary to consider the appropriate amount of problems in the process of use. If used too much, it will cause waste, and there is no the effect, coupled with the design of the spray device of the stacked screw machine, can self-clean the gap between the ring pieces, and wash away the sludge that is easily adhered to it. In this way, the problem of high viscosity can be solved.




After solving these problems, the screw machine is also known as an oily sludge dewatering expert by the industry. It breaks the old ideas and processes of traditional sludge filter equipment and adopts advanced spiral extrusion dewatering methods. , use the lateral pressure and longitudinal pressure between the shaft and the ring to dewater the sludge.


Of course, it is inevitable to use agents to assist it, like the most common PAC and PAM agents, which are used to help the sewage flocculate and settle, and then can enter the dehydration body and directly squeeze, like this oily sludge it is necessary to add degreasing agent or demulsifier, etc. If the sewage is very viscous, use a deviscifying agent to solve it. The sewage sludge for different industries is treated by different methods, which will bring more results to the screw machine.


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