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Multi-disc Screw Press

Multi-disc Screw Press——Structure Principle & Equipment Use

Structure principle

1. The main body of the multi-disc screw press is a filtering device formed by the overlapping of the fixed ring and the swimming ring with the spiral axis running through it. The former part is the concentration part and the latter part is the dehydration part.

2. The filter joints formed between the stationary ring and the swimming ring and the pitch of the spiral axis gradually decrease from the concentration part to the dewatering part.

3. The rotation of the spiral axis pushes the sludge from the concentration part to the dehydration part, and at the same time drives the moving ring to clean the filter joints to prevent blockage.




Equipment Use

1. Suitable for municipal, food, beverage, slaughter, breeding, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, papermaking, leather, welding materials, pharmaceutical and other industries of sludge.

2. Suitable for dehydration of high and low concentration sludge. For low concentration (2000mg/L), sludge dewatering, concentrated tank, storage pool without construction, reduce the construction cost, reduce the release of phosphorus and anaerobic stink.


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