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Multi-disc Screw Press

Multi-disc screw press for after advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater

 The recently released water pollution discharge standards for the pharmaceutical industry have made pharmaceutical companies increasingly strict in their control of wastewater. The treatment process of pharmaceutical wastewater is constantly improved, and the processes of coagulation and sedimentation technology, membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology can achieve a good decontamination effect and eliminate pollutants and harmful substances in wastewater. With the advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, the output of sludge is getting larger and larger, and this part of sludge has become a difficulty in treatment.


The sludge after the advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater is generally selected by Multi-disc screw press. Because of the biochemical treatment, the sludge is activated organic sludge, which has a high water content, high organic content, and is a colloidal liquid. It is difficult to settle the solid liquid Separate. Therefore, the plate and frame squeezed by the filter cloth and the belt dehydrator are very poor in processing. The dehydration effect is not good, and it is very easy to block.


Multi-disc screw press is a device specially used to deal with the dewatering of organic sludge. The stainless steel ring is used as a filtering system. During the operation of the equipment, the dynamic and static rings perform relative movement to complete the self-cleaning work to prevent sludge from clogging the gap between the rings.


In addition, the treatment of pharmaceutical sludge with Multi-disc screw press has the advantages of low power consumption, low water consumption, low noise, and labor saving. No other pollutants and odors will be generated during operation. After advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, it has reached the discharge standard, and the pollution to the environment is almost zero. Therefore, the sludge treatment and disposal cannot be left behind.


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