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Dissolved Air Flotation

How to improve the working efficiency of dissolved air flotation equipment


Dissolved air floatation equipment is widely used in the sewage treatment industry. In order to improve the working condition of air floatation equipment and further improve work efficiency, our technical team has been constantly innovating technology, combining dissolved air floatation equipment The practical experience and experimental conditions, reasonable control and useful adjustments to the various elements that affect the working status of the air floatation equipment to ensure that the dissolved air floatation equipment maximizes the working efficiency during use. The following summarizes A few suggestions:


1. Dissolved air flotation machine equipment in the process of water front precipitation filtration system may be increased to reduce the burden of subsequent improve work efficiency and reduce the dose, shorten the air floatation filtration cycle, can choose 60 to 80 purpose drum filter, removing most of the ss and stability of settling the sewage so that we can minimize the PAC and PAM doses, use to reduce the cost.


2. During the water intake, ensure that the gas pressure of the dissolved gas tank is kept at a low pressure and controlled at 4-5MPa, otherwise it will cause uneven mixing of gas and water, clean the releaser once every 1-2 months, and use diesel after the releaser is disassembled Or cleaning with thin materials is very helpful to the gas holding effect, so that the dissolved air floatation machine equipment always keeps the dissolved gas tank and the releaser clean and runs smoothly, always in the best effect.




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