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Filter Press

Plate-Frame Filter Press——Working Process

Step 1:

Pressurized filter plate: press the clamping cylinder (or other pressing mechanism) to move the moving plate to the fixed plate and press the filter plate between the two plates. Adjacent filter plates form a closed filter chamber.


Step 2:

Pressure filtration: feed pump (diaphragm pump) delivers slurry to the filtration chamber. After filling, start pressure filtration, solid - liquid separation by pressure pump or compressed air pressure.


Step 3:

Release the filter plate: use the pull-out device to open the filter plate and set the sequence in the setting mode.


Step 4:

Discharge of filter plate: after the filter device is pulled open by the traction device, the filter cake is separated by dead weight and transported by the lower conveyor.


After completing the above 4 steps, a working process of the filter press is completed.



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