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Grit Water Separator

Grit Water Separator


Screw type grit-water separator is suitable for the sewage treatment plant of grit chamber, is the organic sewage sand separation and to promote the integration of equipment, can separate the grain size of 0.2 mm or more particles, has a high separation efficiency, equipment used shaftless screw, no water bearing, with light weight, compact structure, reliable operation, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, is an ideal sand water separation equipment.


Operating principle



Screw type grit-water separator installation Angle between 20 ° to 30 °, sand and water mixture from the feed line into the water tank, the mixture proportion of larger particles (such as sand) due to gravity drop deposited on the bottom of the spiral groove, under the impetus of the screw, the material at the bottom of the u-shaped groove along the diagonal to ascend, after leaving the liquid level, continue to move a distance, sand water gradually in the spiral groove of the clearance flow back into the water tank, sand also gradually drying at discharging port, relying on gravity fall into other conveyer. The supernatant is continuously discharged from the drain pipe. To achieve the purpose of sand water separation.



1. The separation efficiency can reach 96%~98%, and the particle size ≥0.2mm can be separated;

2. Adopt shaft-free spiral and water-free bearing for easy maintenance;

3. Compact structure and light weight;

4. The new type of transmission device, the key production part of which is the reducer, is of advanced shaft mounting type, without coupling, which is convenient for installation and alignment;

5. The lining is quick loading, which is convenient for replacement;

6. The screw axial position can be adjusted to facilitate the adjustment of the safety clearance between the tail and the box wall;



Used for sand sink in sewage treatment plant to separate sand water from sand water.