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​Sludge dryer

​Sludge dryer


Sludge dryer is suitable for urban sludge drying. The drying treatment of sludge makes it possible to use sludge for agriculture, as a fuel, incineration and even to reduce landfills.




Sludge dryers is aimed at this kind of sludge with high moisture content, high viscosity, high water and low calorific value and so on the characteristic of material, design of sludge drying equipment for special purpose, special research and development on the dryer simplified internal structure made of special design, not only improves the thermal efficiency, and effectively avoid the sludge with glue in the dryer and excessive drying phenomenon.

New sludge dryer features: 1, efficient and energy-saving sludge dryer, sludge dryer using a new transmission device, compared to the general sludge dryer, saving coal consumption nearly 20%, saving costs for customers, is to create value for our customers. 2, green environmental sludge dryer, sludge dryer using multi-stage purification and dust removal equipment, meet and higher than the national requirements of environmental protection standards, reduce equipment pollution to the environment.


Drying principle

Sludge dryer, can be a one-time 90% water content of the material drying to finished products. In view of the characteristics of easy bonding in the process of sludge drying, the structure of single channel dryer is changed and the combined self-cleaning device is adopted to greatly expand the application range of single channel dryer, which can not only dry all kinds of sludge, but also dry all kinds of high viscosity materials.

The sludge enters the inner guide plate of the dryer through the chute of the feeder. With the rotation of the cylinder, the sludge is guided to the inclined guide plate, which is lifted to the central position of the cylinder. The sludge is gradually spread to form the material curtain, and the high-temperature airflow passes through it to preheat and evaporate part of the water. When the sludge is scattered and moved to the moving grate plate, the material is mixed with the preheated grate plate to transfer heat to the material and make some water evaporate. At the same time, the wing plate clamp belt material lift, drop, repeat many times, the material and the hot air flow convection and contact heat exchange. At the same time, the cleaning device buried in the material also slides down the inner side of the circular arc material lifting plate to clean down the material adhering to the inner wall of the material lifting plate. When the cleaning device turns the vertical line with the cylinder body, it is dragged on the back of the circular arc material lifting plate to clean the materials adhered to the outer wall of the material lifting plate. With the continuous rotation of the cylinder, part of the water evaporates and the sludge is further dried. At the same time, the cleaning device also plays a role in breaking up the sludge pellets and improving the drying speed. Finally, the sludge becomes a low-moisture loose material after drying and is discharged from the discharge port.