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​Sludge dryer

sludge dryer 2.0


 Sludge dryer with steam, hot water or heat conduction oil as the heating medium, the shaft end is equipped with hot medium import and export rotary joint. The heating medium is divided into two ways, respectively into the jacket of the dryer shell and the inner cavity of the blade shaft. The body and the blade shaft are heated at the same time, and the sludge is heated and dried in the way of conduction heating. The dried sludge is continuously fed into the feed mouth of the dryer by the screw feeder, and the sludge enters the inner wall. The rotation of the blades makes the sludge turn over and stir, constantly updating the heating interface, and the sludge directly contacts the inner wall, blade and shaft to improve the thermal efficiency and make the surface moisture contained in the sludge evaporate. At the same time, the sludge with the propeller shaft rotating into a spiral trajectory to the direction of the outlet, continue to stir in the transport, so that the water from the sludge continue to evaporate. Finally, the evenly dried qualified product is discharged from the outlet.


Value after sludge drying

 1. Incineration treatment

After drying the sludge, the calorific value of about 1300 to 1500 calories, three tons of dry sludge can be equivalent to a ton of 4500 calories of coal, can be mixed in the coal combustion in the boiler combustion, a ton of dry sludge can produce a ton of steam. The ratio of dry sludge to coal is 100 to 200 kg of sludge added to tons of coal.

 2, Sludge brick

Brick can be added in clay, the mass ratio is 1:10, its strength and ordinary red brick, and has a certain amount of calorific value, in the process of burning brick, can be spontaneous combustion, increase the heat.

 3. Biochemical fiberboard

In alkaline conditions, heating, drying, pressure after a series of physical and chemical changes (globulin denaturation), with this denaturation into activated sludge resin (protein glue), so that the fiber bonding, pressing plate.

 4. Admixture of cement plant.

 5. Landfill compost


 What are the factors that cause low efficiency of sludge dryer?

 1. The motor power of the sludge dryer is insufficient or the supporting power is not suitable, which is the fault of the technical staff of the sludge dryer manufacturer;

 2, Sludge dryer rotor speed is too low or belt slip, should check whether the size of the belt pulley meets the requirements, or adjust the belt tightness, these are to be often checked;

 3. The uneven feeding of the sludge dryer makes the speed of the grinder unstable, leading to the decline of productivity; Under normal circumstances dryer manufacturers are equipped with supporting equipment is enough to meet the needs of the user's output.

 4, The sludge dryer serious wear, aperture, tugs and other serious wear.

 5, The sludge moisture content is too high, there is no fixed data, which is also the factor of low yield.

 6, Dryer operators must be skilled in the equipment, will deal with some unexpected small problems.