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Sludge Conveyor

Structure and working principle:

Shaftless screw conveyor is mainly composed of driving device, conveying screw, U-shaped groove, lining board, cover plate, feed port, etc. The material enters through the feed port and gradually moves to the exit through the screw to complete the conveying process. Shaftless screw conveyors are basically the same as general screw conveyors in terms of conveying principles, except that the structure of the screw has the difference between a shaft and no shaft. Shaftless screw conveyors are made of ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel.


Shaftless screw conveyors are mainly used for waste water treatment, paper industry, chemical industry waste and other industries waste transportation, for materials with strong adsorption, paste-like viscous materials (such as chemical raw materials, waste paper pulp, malt, sludge, etc.) As well as easy-entanglement materials (such as domestic garbage), it has unique advantages.

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