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Automatic Dosing Device

1.Main usage
    PDU automatic dosing device is widely used in auxiliary equipment of municipal water treatment and water sludge treatment; continuous and efficient completion of the polymer compounding and mixing to obtain homogeneous active polymer solution.

2.Working principle

    The device applies a jet mixer, using high-speed hydraulic to bre -ak up the drug or powder and increase the fineness, improve conta -ct of water and pharmaceutical or particulates, permeate area, red -uce the time of dissolution; the equipment uses three slots overflow combination: preparing, aging and dosing; through the solution’s specific gravity difference, caused by gravity and solubility, automatically separate the dissolved and undissolved; and then , by stirring of low-speed stirrer to improve the evenness of the solution.

3.Explanation on model number
    Preparation capacity Q(L/h)
    Automatic dosing device

4.Main parameters and installation dimension

Preparation Capacity Q(L/H)50010001500200030004000
Dry Powder Dosing Electric Power N(kw)
MixerBlade diameter Φ(mm)250250250250250250
Spindle speed n(r/min)969696969696
Power N(kw)0.75×20.75×20.75×20.75×20.75×20.75×2
Dosing Screw PumpFlow volume(m3/h)
Power N3(kw)
Inlet Diameter DN1(mm)202025253232
Outlet Diameter DN2(mm)202025253232
Installation Diamension

5.Main features

    Three slots in one device, continuous preparation, simple operation and maintenance;
    Dry powder or liquid polymer can be doublefeed, able to meet different needs;
    PLC automatic operation, saving labor;
    In Pharmacy , the dosing screw pump or metering pumps can be used (the conventional use of the former) , measurement precise and adjustable;
    Equipment has no foundation seat or fixer, attractive appearance, easy maintenance. Low cost.

6.Installation drawing


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